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Capitol High School made history when it opened in 1950 as the second public high school for African Americans in Baton Rouge.


Originally opened as a school for middle and high schoolers, the middle school and high school split in 1959. The middle school remained in its original location on what is now known as Gus Young Avenue, while the high school moved to its present location at 1000 N. 23rd Street. Since then, that facility has been the home of the Golden Lions.


The late, great Charles W. Keel was named the first principal of Capitol. A visionary leader, Mr. Keel demanded excellence from all members of the Capitol family. Under his leadership Capitol High School would become a pillar in the Baton Rouge community. In 1960, the school saw it’s first ever graduating class. By 1967, the school had earned the designation of the 7th best High School in the Nation by the Purdue Educational Report in 1967. Mr. Keel would go on to seamlessly guide the school through the new reality of day, integration. He would lead Capitol through his retirement in 1979.


Capitol’s second Principal Mr. William “Tex” Turner would continue the legacy of high standards and achievement created by Mr. Keel. The Lions would continue to grow and earn academic and athletic accolades during his tenure. The school would see significant success with the continued rise of legendary coaches such as Alvin Stewart and the Hall of Famer Roman Bates.


Several other outstanding leaders would leave their mark on our great school in the 90s and 2000s. As times changed, the school began to see significant academic challenges, multiple name changes, and eventually a state takeover. The school would see several transformations during this time. Through it all, our lion pride remained.


Today, Capitol High School offers amazing opportunities for young people. Together, with our families and community, we our poised to return to that pillar of excellence we once were.